Carolyn Jackson For House District 49A

Experience that Gets Things Done.

Our country is facing a breakdown of civility and teamwork in our public lives. I’ve got the proven skills to bridge our differences and turn our focus towards our shared future.

My husband, Bruce, and I have lived in Edina for over 17 years. We raised our two daughters here. I’ve been a community leader and public interest advocate. It’s time to take my positive message to the Minnesota Capitol, where we can work together to build the future.

We all look at the world from unique points of view, but we can focus on common goals. The North Star stays fixed in the night sky, so travelers use it to navigate. Our common goals are our North Star Values. As your State Representative, I will work to bridge regional and ideological differences to build our future based on North Star values.

Like so many people in Edina, we moved here for the excellent public schools. Education is a North Star value. This includes K-12, early childhood and post-secondary education. We must ensure every child is ready to learn before kindergarten, support our K-12 public schools, and provide our graduates with affordable post-secondary options.

Minnesota’s environment is another North Star value. We all want to give our children a healthy earth for their future. Whether it is reducing traffic to help commerce and lower emissions, ensuring a clean energy future, or cleaning up our impaired waters, I will work to protect Minnesota’s environment.

As an advocate for civil liberties and Minnesota communities, I have learned to build coalitions and teams to pass bi-partisan legislation. As a PTO president, site council chair and Edina Energy and Environment Commission Vice Chair, I have learned to engage volunteers and put different people to work on common goals.

In 2012, I was a leader in the effort to defeat the voter suppression constitutional amendment. I recruited former Governor Arne Carlson and Vice President Walter Mondale to chair the Our Vote Our Future campaign. Through education and debates, I spread the message that all votes matter. We changed over a million minds and defeated the amendment.

The future is approaching quickly. We do not have time for petty squabbles and partisan games. I have the proven skills to start on day one, building our shared future.

Let me know what your hopes are for the future! Sign up to volunteer, follow me on Facebook and Twitter and join our campaign. Together, we can make a difference!

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