Letter to the Editor Highlights Importance of State Response to Federal Tax Bill

January 13, 2018 - 2 minutes read

The Star Tribune recently published my letter to the editor on the recent Federal tax reform bill:

Regarding the Jan. 7 article “Tax bill’s quirks may swing state taxes — up or down” (followed by “Taxpayers get $813M warning,” Jan. 11): This law will have a profound impact on our state. For those of you concerned about increased school class sizes, protection for seniors in nursing homes and access to health care, pay attention to how the state responds to the new tax law. If we simply pass “federal conformity,” Minnesota will have a radically different tax code with radically different priorities. If we do nothing, many of our taxpayers will be taxed twice on the same income. We must demand that the governor and the Legislature push for solutions to the negative impact of this new law.

Other high-service states are responding (“States maneuver to offset tax law,” Jan. 7): One good idea is to change state income taxes into employer-side payroll taxes, with relief for low-income earners. This way, we can avoid the double taxation and preserve the independence of our state to choose how we tax our citizens and provide government services. Another idea is to sue the federal government on equal protection grounds: States with low taxes and low services benefit at the cost of high-tax, high-service states. Whatever the response is, Minnesota must not let the federal government dictate dramatic changes to our state government. Our leaders need to step up and protect our state’s values.

Carolyn Jackson, Edina

The writer is a DFL candidate for the Legislature.