I will fight for Edina to get things done!

About Carolyn

 Together, we can fight to make Edina better!

I grew up in an Iowan suburb that was filled with political action: A family friend was the lead attorney with the Warren Commission. My mother and her friends fought to legalize abortion in Iowa. Presidential candidates came to speak at my high school assemblies. During the Watergate hearings, my mother moved the ironing board in front of the TV so she could justify watching the hearings.

I felt like I had a first-hand view of history, and I caught the political bug. In my 6th grade yearbook, I wrote that I would grow up to be a Senator.

I served as an intern in Congress during college and worked for a presidential campaign upon graduation. In law school, I knew I wanted to practice in the public sector – and I quickly learned that politics is the art of negotiation and peaceful resolution of competing interests. Despite our differences, we can come together and accomplish big things.

With my husband, I’ve raised two daughters in Edina, and they have gone on to do wonderful things. I want that same opportunity for every resident of Edina, and our state.

I’ve been part of advocacy efforts on many of the “big issues” in our state’s recent history – including the voter suppression and marriage amendments. I’ve brought people together to move things forward. As your representative, I will continue bring people together to accomplish big things – and make Minnesota an even better place to live and do business.


“Serving with Carolyn Jackson as a member of the Valley View Middle School site council, was my first exposure to her leadership and advocacy skills. After serving as a member of the team for one year, she was the obvious and best choice for president in the second year. The site council serves as the governing body composed of administration, teachers, parents, and students. This group provides direction to achieve the school’s vision. While Ms. Jackson was president of the site council, she displayed her commitment to all students. As a leader, she moved through the agenda, listened to all and accomplished tasks beneficial to the school community. She brought enthusiasm, energy and a professional perspective to the group of parents, school personnel and students. In addition, Ms. Jackson served on district level committees to address the achievement gap in the schools. I would highly recommend Carolyn Jackson for Minnesota State Representative. Her voice is needed in our state.” ~ Lillian Dolan Ziff, retired Edina Public School educator

“As executive director of the MN County Attorneys Association, I had the opportunity to work with Carolyn Jackson on public safety issues, particularly forfeiture reform. Although the subject matter we worked on was contentious, I appreciated Carolyn’s professionalism in assembling effective solutions that served many competing interests. Her diligence and ability to bring people together to forge workable outcomes will serve the citizens of Edina well in the Minnesota House of Representative.” ~ John Kingrey

Carolyn Jackson served on my team as a community member supporting the strategic direction of the Edina Public School community. She understands education in Edina and her experience will be an asset at the legislature.   Carolyn served the team remarkably well as an active and engaged member as we built the direction of the district for teaching, learning and school development.  She researches the work, utilizes the depth of her experiences and communicates clearly and effectively in service of visible outcomes.  I’m happy to recommend Carolyn for House 49A and hope you’ll caucus on her behalf.” ~ Jenni Norlin-Weaver, EdD, Former Director, Teaching & Learning, Edina Public Schools

“I enthusiastically endorse Carolyn Jackson for the District 49A DFL endorsement and election to Edina’s House seat.

When I first met Carolyn Jackson in 2012, she was the Legislative Coordinator for the ACLU of Minnesota, spearheading their efforts to defeat the two proposed constitutional amendments on the fall ballot: voter suppression and a ban on gay marriage.

The prospects for defeating the photo ID requirement looked especially grim. Polling showed the amendment polling something like 80/20 in favor. But Carolyn and the ACLU did not give up on it. She made presentations and did debates all over the State. She recruited former Governor Arne Carlson and former Vice President Walter Mondale to chair the vote-no campaign.

She twice appeared on my public affairs radio talk show on KTNF to educate voters. Governor Carlson also appeared on my show as a favor to Carolyn.

In the closing days before the election, Carolyn and Governor Carlson debated Mary Kiffmeyer and Dan McGrath (from MN Majority) in a forum that received extensive newspaper and television coverage. 

As we know, both amendments were defeated; the photo ID amendment was defeated about 46%/54% in one of the greatest upsets in Minnesota political history.

Carolyn worked the halls of the Legislature for 10 years for the ACLU. She has also worked on behalf of the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities. She already knows how state government works. If she went to the House as our Representative, she would pop to the top of the DFL House Caucus like a cork.” ~ Steve Timmer, retired attorney and blogger for LeftMN

“As policy manager for League of Women Voters Minnesota, I worked closely with Carolyn on issues core to our democracy and voting rights. Carolyn played a key role in the defeat in 2012 of the proposed constitutional amendment that would have required a photo ID for voting. She effectively engaged citizens, leaders, and members of both major parties to help them understand why photo IDs are not needed to ensure the integrity of our election system and the harmful impact the amendment would have on voter access. Carolyn was always personable, respectful of the perspectives brought to the table, and able to sort through the “noise” to get at the key issues at hand. As a lawyer, she has the skills needed at the Legislature to make bills and laws clear and effective.” ~ Sherri Knuth

“I’ve known Carolyn for many years, mainly through the DFL and civic life of our community.  I was delighted to hear that she was running for the MN House from District 49A.

We should have learned from the 2016 national election that when popularity overrides credentials, we all lose.  This is not the time for neophyte representation.  The crises we face are too serious and too urgent.

We should have learned as well that governing is something completely different from campaigning.

I’m supporting Carolyn because she is intellectually serious and has a strong record of leadership in public service.  Her knowledge, legal education and professional experience, and her political acumen mean she’ll hit the ground running and be a powerful DFL legislator.

To summarize, Carolyn has extensive experience, excellent analytical skills, good judgment, integrity, courage, high but focused energy, and a passion for justice.  

She is by far the strongest DFL candidate.” ~ Hope Melton, Urban Planner

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