What We Can Accomplish


Education is a true North Star value. Many of us—including me—chose to call Edina home because of its excellent schools. At the Legislature, I will work for high-quality schools for all our children, E-12. I will also champion secondary higher education options for all who desire to learn more to contribute to our community, state and our world.

K-12 Education

As a mom of two children, I know first-hand the importance of high-quality public schools. As your State Representative, I will work to fund our K-12 public schools to keep them among the best in the nation.


Minnesota is unique in its commitment to statewide funding of public schools—it is up to the Legislature to ensure we adequately fund our schools. Yet, the State has chronically underfunded our public schools and saddled them with mandates. Our children are facing a changing future, and we must give them the education they need to thrive.

I will also work to give publicly elected school boards more discretion in the management of their schools. All of the mandates from the State limit local creativity and innovation and force our teachers to teach to the test. School boards are directly accountable to voters—let’s give them the flexibility to deliver on ideas that their communities value.

As PTO President, I took groups of parents to the Legislature to lobby for increased funding. I have worked on the strategic plan of Edina schools and seen the tremendous talent of our local leaders in teaching. Elect me, and we can give our school districts the tools they need to develop the next generation of Minnesota citizens.

Early Childhood Education

Parents need better options for their children before kindergarten. That’s why I support a voluntary Pre-K program through the public schools. We need to provide opportunity for our youngest learners and ensure all children are ready for kindergarten. With your support, I will work to adequately fund our schools and give them the tools they need to innovated and address the needs of our earliest learners.

Higher Education

Edina—and our state—depend on higher education institutions to drive innovation and resilience in our State’s economy. But for too many young Minnesotans, a higher education has left them with crushing debt.

So many young people delay starting families or buying homes because of their student debt. Minnesota must be a state where students can work their way through college. Chronic underfunding of our institutions of higher learning has shifted a heavy burden onto the backs of our future families.

Protecting higher education also creates opportunities for Minnesota. Our colleges bring bright young people to our State and encourage our home-grown leaders to stay in Minnesota. In addition, a highly skilled workforce encourages businesses to start or relocate in our State. Our many institutions also contribute to our future with research focused on Minnesotan assets and challenges. Open heart surgery was invented at the University of Minnesota, and now our State is a leader in the medical industry.

As a legislator, I will use my proven analytical and team-building skills to strengthen our higher learning institutions. We need them to fulfill their role in building the future of our State.


The environment encompasses all the conditions that surround and affect the development of life in our State. Everyone has a stake in giving our children an environment where they can grow and thrive. I have the knowledge and experience that can go to work right away to build Minnesota’s clean environment future.

Clean Air—Cutting Traffic, Reducing Our Carbon Footprint and Seeking Innovation

As an Energy and Environment Commissioner, I have learned about all the ways government can be a leader in reducing our carbon footprint and cleaning our air. The best part: Cleaning our air saves money! Reducing the energy footprint of State buildings lowers their operating costs. Cutting traffic lowers shipping costs for business. Clean air is a true North Star value.

Edina understands the trouble with heavy traffic—we are cut apart by traffic stalled highways. Our streets are clogged. All that traffic adds to stress, increases the cost of commerce and pollutes our air.

We need new options: We need to relieve traffic on the Crosstown, make I-494 work, and create options with bus rapid transit and light rail. We cannot prosper if we can’t get around. Also, people who don’t drive deserve the ability to travel.

Clean Energy

Minnesota led the nation with its clean energy mandates in 2007. It’s time to be a leader again. The generation of electricity is changing, the price of wind and solar are dropping, and the State has the opportunity to upgrade its renewable energy policies. Remembering that change affects communities, we need to look to ways to ensure safe, reliable electricity, economically healthy communities and future facing energy policies.

Clean Water

Minnesota is the land of many waters. But, with over 40% of our State’s waters impaired, we are at an environmental crossroads. Whether it is blue algae in Lake Cornelia here at home, silt and muck in the Minnesota River in Mankato or mercury in Lake Superior, our water is in peril. Clean water, clean energy and sustainable growth are all interrelated. We must protect our beautiful water!

As a legislator, I will ask the hard questions to ensure that all aspects of State development consider the importance of clean water. Whether it is highway and street design, building codes and requirements, stewardship of our State lands and farming policies, all areas of state government and regulation have a role to play in protecting our waters. I will use my community building skills to connect government agencies and citizen stakeholders to build a future of clean water in Minnesota.


With so many changes occurring at the federal level, the next Legislature will face many issues of healthcare coverage and costs. As your legislator, I will work to ensure that Minnesotans have access to the healthcare they need, especially preventative care and management of chronic disease. Ensuring women have access to reproductive health options will always be a priority for me.

The State will need to have hard discussions about how to move to single payer. I will use my experience in advocating for complicated and controversial issues to ensure that all voices are heard, many options are considered, and that we reach a solution that works for the whole State.

Affordable Housing

Our state is facing a housing crisis. Not only is there insufficient subsidized housing for low income folks, but there is a shortage of housing for our workforce, for seniors of modest means and, despite recent progress, still for our veterans. Stable housing is essential to reducing health care costs, addressing mental health and keeping down the cost of living for seniors. We must address the break down of the housing market to keep our workforce vibrant and to support the well being of our State.

Gun Control and Campaign Finance

We must act to reduce gun violence. I will support measures that reduce the risk of guns getting into unsafe hands, including:

  • better background checks for gun purchases,
  • closing the gun show and internet loopholes for background checks,
  • limiting the purchase of ammunition,
  • preventing “conceal and carry” reciprocity

We must also change our political dialog and the influence of dark money in politics. Our children are valuable beyond words—much more valuable than guns or money. We need to know who is paying to influence our elections, and how much gun manufacturers are paying to set the agenda in our legislatures.

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